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Quoting DJ Doena:
Quoting GSyren:
we can either use DVD Profiler offline to just keep managing our local databases

Unfortunately, no. DVDP requires Invelos to add new titles. Try it. Cut your internet connection and try to add new titles. I stumbled upon this fact then Invelos was down a few months ago.

OK, I have DVDProfiler installed on a spare computer, with just 30 profiles in the local database that I use for test purposes.

As suggested, I cut my internet connection and tried to add new titles.

I am able to add new profiles to the collection by using the "Add by UPC" function within the program, I just make sure I uncheck the "Download profile from Invelos" checkbox.
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This is a hard one to decide!

Quoting GreyHulk:
Spine wins. "The Thing: 3 Movie Collection" in the Title field.

You are almost correct.
I agree the title could be taken from the spine.
However, the title would be "The Thing 3-Movie Collection"
See the example on http:/www.invelos.com/dvdpro/contributions/Rules.aspx?display=boxsets

The example on that page is "Alien Quadrilogy" not "Alien: Quadrilogy"

However, the page says "The title for a Box Set should be the title listed on the front cover, for example Alien Quadrilogy".

Therefore: I believe Addicted2DVD is almost correct.
Quoting Addicted2DVD:
I disagree on the way that the cover is per rules it should be...

Title: The Thing / The Thing from Another World / The Thing
Edition: 3-Movie Collection

Then child profiles for each individual title.

But, I don't think "3-Movie Collection" is an edition.

And to me it is very confusing that "The Thing" is listed twice in this suggested title "The Thing / The Thing from Another World / The Thing".

Personally, I think in this case we should go with what the spine says "The Thing 3-Movie Collection" in the Title field.

In my local collection I would enter it as "The Thing 3-Movie Collection: The Thing (1985) / The Thing from Another World / The Thing (2011)" all in the Title Field and lock my profile.
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Quoting SlimboyFat:
Would love to receive some numbers, unique logins, number of contributions etc.

Always a worry when the cheif goes missing and it seems that no one else is given a set of keys.

I understand that with streaming less people are buying DVS etc but surely there can't only be me that still uses DVD Profiler and bought Last Blood, it was released in 2019


Rambo: Last Blood DVD, UPC 031398312741 R1 USA is in the database.
John Wick: Chapter 3 DVD, UPC 031398306276 R1 USA is in the database.
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Quoting mreeder50:
Thanks, I will continue to use AnyDVD and believe it's reports.

Do what you want, but you should read all the posts in this message thread.
WARNING: wrong disc id with Windows 10 Update 1809

Then this thread Plugin: Add by DVD Disc Id that provides the answer of how to get the "correct" disc IDs 100% of the time if you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11.

DJ Doena and mediadogg have created tools that generate the correct discID 100% of the time, as discussed in the 2 message threads listed above.

Using AnyDVD seems to generate the correct discIDs for some people but not for others.
For me, using AnyDVD generates the wrong discID 100% of the time.
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Quoting GreyHulk:
Currently, AnyDVD reports the correct Disc ID which was correct all the way back to 2007.

Not the AnyDVD I purchased and own.
For me it gives a different Disc ID, but not the correct Disc ID
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