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Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadQuestion about Editions
I would agree although the recent editions updates have gotten out of hand IMO.  It seems like the pendulum has swung so that any and all text on the front cover is getting added as an "edition".  A lot of the Disney Blu-ray Exclusives have been updated with, for example, "[title]: Anniversary Edition: Disney Blu-ray Exclusive".

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadPinned: List of Accepted Birth Years with Documentation.  (1 2 3 ...315 )
Quoting GSyren:
To whom it may concern:

Kevin O'Neill is incorrectly listed as Kevin O'Neil in the BY list, which means that he is misidentified in my CastCrewQuery program as not being listed in the BY list.

Not sure who is maintaining the list of accepted birth years nowadays. Is it still Kluge?

Yes I am. All fixed, thank you

New Users ForumNew posts in this threadNew Person
Maybe it's time to close this forum due to all of these new spammers. 

General DiscussionNew posts in this threadRIP DVDProfiler
Yeah, what he said ^^^^^^^ 

And oh, by the way, check out LoadDVD and LoadDVD Pro if you haven't already. Can play any media from any server in one of several different ways. If I missed something you need, I would be happy to collaborate with you to put it in. I use SMB instead of DLNA due to the filetype restrictions of DLNA.

PluginsNew posts in this threadDpSuperSearch
I started out a very ambitious project for searching overviews. Initially I was hoping to achieve some kind of "smart" search, a little bit like Google searches, although not nearly as advanced. I was experimenting with various fuzzy logic algorithms, but soon realized that I just could not get any useful results that way. It would require advanced artificial intelligence that is way beyond the capabilities of a simple Windows program.

I was just a smidge disappointed, but not really surprised. So I took a step down in ambition and decided to create a more normal search, but with some capabilities that the ordinary search in DVD Profiler doesn't offer. The name I had given the project, DpSuperSearch now sounded a tad presumptuous, but I was too lazy to change it.

So, here is what a search can look like.

The first column shows how many of the search arguments that were found. The second shows total number of hits. The right pane shows the overview with the hits underlined. Under Options in the menu you will find "Full words only". If you check that menu item you will only get hits for ... you guessed it - full words.

There are a couple of search tricks that are, for now, undocumented (since there is no help file at this stage):
* Use underline instead of space to make two (or more) words be treated as one single search argument. So "King_Kong" will not find "King" or "Kong" alone, but only "King Kong".
* The search is partially based on Regex, so if you're familiar with that, you may experiment with what works and what does not. I'm no Regex expert, but I know this:
- A period will match any character. So a search for "Kong." will match both "Kong " and "Konga", for example.
- If you don't check "Full words only", you can still force full word search for one or more search argument by enclosing them in "\b". So "\bKong\b Gorilla" will force a full word search for "Kong", but match any string that contains "Gorilla".

Note that the searches are always case insensitive.

At the moment I haven't created a web page for DpSuperSearch. That may come later. For now, this is a direct link to the DpSuperSearch 1.0.0 zip file.

If you find this program (or indeed any of my programs) useful, just a word of encouragement would go a long way towards keeping me motivated to continue.