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I've got a 5 film box set with the following films, the set has not got a title: Zero Dark Thirty, Lone Survivor, Green Zone, Contraband and Safe House.
They are all Blu Rays, discs only (no cases) - HD Digipak. There isn't a common director/actor/theme between them, so how would I list this set in my collection?
The films are no problem, I've got profiles for all of them.
The only solution I've come up with is to call it 'Universal Film Collection', the set was bought from Amazon UK, and is still listed.
Any suggestions?
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Just about to add 'Source Code' (BD) to my collection, it has the same UPC as the double disc version, but mine has only a single disc.
My question is, do I enter this as an alternative issue, even though everything else is identical, apart from the number of discs? I have several movies like this, especially Blu Rays.
As Addicted2DVD has mentioned, it is nearly always the disc with special features on it.
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This may have been asked before, but what does CLT stand for? I've come across the term several times, I've always wondered what it means/stands for. Thanks
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