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Air Force, UPC 012569599826

36 Hours, UPC 012569797031

Operation Crossbow UPC 012569795525

All failed the same way, they play for an hour or so then freeze. You can look at the playing surface and see a lighter color, irregular shaped ring on the outer area of the disc.

36 Hours and Air Force are part of a Warner Box set from 2007, Operation Crossbow is also a Warners disc from 2006. Warner is known to have a lot of bad discs from this era.
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Hi all.

I do all my entering and deleting on my Desktop, then upload the Database and then download it on my Phone.

Recently I spent a bit of time entering six months of Watched Discs Film data on my phone only to have it all wiped out the next time I updated the collection on the phone from the database uploaded from the Desktop 

Is there a way to avoid this? I was thinking I should upload the database from my phone after entering the Watched data. Would the information then stay in the database after I update from the Desktop or will this erase it all again?

Can I enter the Watched data on the Desktop somehow? I couldn't find that anywhere.

Thank you.
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My Criterion DVD of Fritz Lang's M wouldn't play past the menu.

There is a bulletin from Criterion with a list of titles with known problems and they are offering free replacement discs for any that have failed.

It took a couple months but I got a new copy of M.

I checked as many of the other titles as I could find but they all played okay so fingers crossed there are no further problems.
Topic Replies: 51, Topic Views: 47220
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