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If TrueHD Atmos will be lossless.
If AC3 5.1 Atmos will be lossy.
All Atmos is is an extra track containing extended information (Height, distance etc).

So if TrueHD is lossless, If not, even with Atmos, treat it as lossy.
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Quoting Magmadrag:

@specise_8472: I could rip the DVD with several programs, but I don't want to rip it, I only want to play it to write down cast & crew. If I would need to rip every disc for editing data, I never could have done so many profiles. And ripping just to get the data is a No Go for me. Sorry!

What I mean is that you can use the MakeMKV decrypt engine as a real time decrypter for your player. No need to actually rip anything.
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You can use MakeMKV as a decrypter for other programs.

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Have you tried Potplayer?
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hmmmm, wonder how hard it would be to add a scan function?

Would come in handy something like this for my Music plugin that has cover images. Has an HTML window that has a HTML player pointing to a playlist. Been ages since I looked at this, but I remember that I also had a function where you opened a profile and it plays the Theme.
Must dust this off.

Currently all my spare programming time has been developing a set of encoding tools for video.
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Thanks, but this is to allow backup of other dirs when doing an internal backup.
Not for backing up the main DB as it does a good job on its own.

Used by me for backing up a music dir that has HTML and pics in.
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366 and now that we are back in lockdown, a chance to rip all of them as 'backup'.
Now that I can do a SDR/HDR re encode, and lately the way has been perfected to put Dolby Vision back in as well. Playing with KIN at the moment to find a way to automate the process.

50-60gig straight Remux, or re-encode down to 10-20gig for pure 4k.
Whereas older movies remastered are only 15-20 gig.

Something to keep me out of mischief. And carry on doing AI upscales of shows. Have already done B5, Jeremiah, Stargate SG1, Blake's 7, The Two Ronnies to name a few. Currently doing Earth Final Conflict. Here are some side by side examples of my work:

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Now Bluray.com back online can check, have 350.
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As I also collect the soundtracks to go with my collection, I have Tags as to if I have the soundtrack, and if is OST or Score.
Also have an HD under a BluRay tag that tells if the 4k has DV.
TV series and if completed.

Plus others.
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