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Thanks for responding Danae.

Figured out how to create the alternate ID, tried to put as many finishing touches on them, and contributed parent and child last night.  Hope it's enough to get it into the database.  And hopefully, someone will come along with the BD disc info...
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Purchased Sonic the Hedgehog: Limited Collector's Edition (BD+DVD+Digital) recently, unfortunately it's not in the database.  I've copied images of the front/back covers (back cover image does not have the barcode cutout but otherwise is an exact replica of the actual back of the slipcover).  I downloaded the regular BD/DVD profile so I could get the cast/crew info and a few other details that wouldn't change with the differing editions.  I connected an external DVD drive to my laptop to scan the DVD in the package, which turns out to be the same DVD that's in the regular BD/DVD package, and has the image of that as well.

Problems:  I don't have a BD drive that I can scan the blu-ray disc to assign to this edition.  Also, I'd like to attach this DVD to this edition with the covers for this edition as well, but don't want to influence the original covers in the database. 

Is it OK to contribute what I have so far (without the BD disc info), and how could I contribute the DVD child with this Collector's Edition covers?

Hopefully in layman's terms as I'm not as tech savvy as I'd like to be.

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I have the CD of this which includes (specifically) Sorrow, Dogs of War, Yet Another Movie, and Round and Around.

I have a question about the track listing for this blu-ray.  The back of the case lists Sorrow and Dogs of War, but not Yet Another Movie or Round and Around.

At Amazon those 2 are listed as Bonus Tracks, but they're not shown in the track listing on the back of the actual case.

Are those 2 tracks actual inclusions on the blu-ray?  Are they concert footage like the others?

Those 4 songs I've listed (in addition to all the others included on this blu-ray, of course!) are important to me.  If Yet Another Movie and Round and Around aren't included as concert videos like the others, then I have to rethink whether or not I want to buy this.

Thank You!
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