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After We Collided - Anita Brandt Burgoyne

The Bachelors - Anita Brandt Burgoyne

A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story - Anita Brandt-Burgoyne

A Horse for Danny - Anita Brandt-Burgoyne

visual check
Topic Replies: 25, Topic Views: 10459
Meet Wally Sparks - Roseanne - Special Guest Appearances by
Topic Replies: 39, Topic Views: 9129
Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker - J.J. Abrams - Director, Screenwriter, Story by, Producer, Cast D-O voice
Topic Replies: 27, Topic Views: 10841
J.J. Abrams  -  29 confirmed
11.22.63 - Ex. Producer, Theme by
Alcatraz: S1 - Ex. Prod. ep 01-13 Theme by ep 02-13
Alias: S1 - Writer ep 02,10,11,17,22, Ex. Prod. ep 02-22, Theme by ep 02-22, Director ep 22
Armageddon - Screenwriter
Cloverfield - Producer
Comic Book: The Movie - Cast (Himself)
Fringe: S1 - Created by ep 01-20, Ex. Prod. ep 01-20, Theme by ep 01, Writer ep 01-02/04/07/11
Fringe: S2 - Created by ep 01-22 + Bonus, Ex. Prod. ep 01-22 + Bonus, Writer ep 01
Fringe: S3 - Created by ep 01-22, Ex. Prod. ep 01-22
Fringe: S4 - Created by ep 01- , Ex. Prod. ep 01
Joy Ride - Producer, Writer
Joy Ride 2 - OCB
Joy Ride 3 - OCB
Lost: S1 - Created by ep 01-24, Ex. Prod. ep 01-24, Screenwriter ep 01-02, Director ep 01-02
Lost: S2 - Created by ep 01-23, Ex. Prod. ep 01-23
Lost: S3 - Creatad by ep 01-23, Ex. Prod. ep 01-23, Screenwriter ep 01
Lost: S4 - Created by 01-13, Ex. Prod. 01-13
Lost: S5 - Created by ep 01-16, Ex. Prod. ep 01-16
Lost: S6 - Created by ep 01-16, Ex. Prod. ep 01-16
Mission: Impossible III - Director, Writer
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - Producer
Morning Glory - Producer
The Office: S3 - Director ep Cocktails
Revolution: S1 - Ex. Prod. ep 01-20, Theme by ep 02-10
Revolution: S2 - Ex. Prod. ep 01-22
Star Trek - Director, Producer
Star Trek into Darkness - Director, Producer
The Suburbans - Producer, Cast (Rock Journalist)
Super 8 - Director, Writer, Producer

J. J. Abrams  -  5 confirmed
Alias: S1 - Created by ep 01-22, Writer ep 01,12,13, Ex. Prod. ep 01, Theme by ep 01
Fringe: S1 - Theme by ep 02-20
Fringe: S2 - Theme by ep 01-22 + Bonus
Fringe: S3 - Theme by ep 01-22
Fringe: S4 - Theme by ep 01-

Jeffrey Abrams  -  8 confirmed
Diabolique - Cast (Video Photographer #2)
Forever Young - Ex. Prod., Writer
Gone Fishin' - Writer
Nightbeast - Music by
The Pallbearer - Producer
Regarding Henry - Writer, Cast (Delivery Boy)
Six Degrees of Separation - Cast (Doug)
Taking Care of Business - Writer
Topic Replies: 27, Topic Views: 10841
Six Degrees of Seperation - Jeffrey Abrams - cast (Doug)

Taking Care of Business - Jeffrey Abrams - Writer
Topic Replies: 27, Topic Views: 10841
- Make and Break -  Ahmed El-Shenawi - visual check end credits.
Topic Replies: 8, Topic Views: 973
- Sidewalks of New York - Catherine Thomas - Costume Designer

CAT THOMAS (2 titles, 2 confirmed)
- Mr. Robot: Season_2.0 (confirmed by Nosferatu)
- Safe Men (confirmed by T!M)
Topic Replies: 14, Topic Views: 4642

this is the model I head out in - Last day of work is Aug. 31. Sleeps 8-10 but will only have 2 and a small dog.
plenty of storage. Have some land in eastern Arizona in the mountains, where I will probably use as base site. Last year during the covid lockdown took a few trips and visited 38 of the 48 lower states
Topic Replies: 4, Topic Views: 1131
Quoting mediadogg:
Edited: Fixed a mistake in my double negatives

Good points all around. But remember that DVD Profiler relies on a user-supported database and Invelos has implemented a semi-democratic process for moderating the contributions process and maintaining the contributions rules, that again, relies on the user community.

So, I think that in the absence of being able to execute the regular process, any alternative that seeks to preserve the same fairness and democratic principles would be acceptable to Invelos, if done in the spirit of the existing process.

That being said, here is my stake in the ground for a possible process:

(1) Develop a list of members based on the numbers of accepted contributions
(2) Create a poll open to all registered members, that collects 1 vote for the member's choice of membership on a small Contributions Review Board. The Board will decide who to name as the leader, who will control a special Forum thread for contributions disputes.
(3) After a designated length of time, the 3 people with the top number of votes, who accept the job, are named as members of the Board which will have the final say on contributions rules disputes, with the authority to make reasonable adjustments to the Invelos rules that make sense based on current conditions and current consensus
(4) Members of the community who want to make contributions will be asked to be bound by a self-imposed honor code to respect the decisions of the review board and refrain from public rebellion.

Sounds like a plan that may work.
But in the spirit of the OP, I also am saying goodbye to the program. Would like to say thanks to everyone that has helped me out over the last 12 years. The plug-ins that I've used. The help on common name threads and to the people who started common name threads - I enjoyed searching the web for films to confirm credits. I've decided to retire early. Take my pension. Bought a travel trailer and am headed which ever way my vehicle is pointed. So I my pop in to check out the forums when have a chance.
Topic Replies: 37, Topic Views: 3587
Norma Rae - William Turner - Makeup

The Girl Who Knew Too Much - William Turner - Makeup

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald - Bill Turner Make Up

Convicts 4 - William P. Turner - Make-up
Topic Replies: 8, Topic Views: 1788
Quoting Kluge:
Quoting ateo357:
Legion --> Kaye Wade

thanks missed it.
Topic Replies: 6, Topic Views: 1332
The Lizzie Borden Chronicles ep. 7,8 - Adrian G. Griffiths
Topic Replies: 30, Topic Views: 3743
Kay Wade - Dirty Love

Kaye Wade - CSI: Miami S1e109
Kaye Wade - Legion
Topic Replies: 6, Topic Views: 1332
Jack T. Collis
Alien Nation - Production Designer
Far and Away - Production Designer
The Long Riders - Production Designer
Next of Kin - Production Designer
The Running Man - Production Designer
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - Production Designer

Jack Collis
Magnum Force - Art Director
Topic Replies: 5, Topic Views: 974
Body Double - J.H. Arrufat - Sound Editor
Black Eagle - J.H. Arrufat - Sound Editor
The Blob - J.H. Arrufat - Sound Editor
Project X- J. H. Arrufat - Sound Editor
Striking Distance - J. H. Arrufat - Sound Editor
Switch - J.H. Arrufat - Sound Editor
They Live - J. H. Arrufat - Sound Editor
The Vanishing - J.H. Arrufat - Sound Editor
Weird Science - John Arrufat - Sound Editor
Wyatt Earp - J. H. Arrufat - Sound Editor
Topic Replies: 12, Topic Views: 3186
- That '70s Show: Season One: e10 - Joe Medalis as Pastor.
Topic Replies: 11, Topic Views: 2949
Ray Donovan - S1,2,3,4,5&6 all Kerris Dorsey
Topic Replies: 6, Topic Views: 1517
Around the Fire - Terry McGovern as Bill
Topic Replies: 10, Topic Views: 2004
Strike Back: Cinemax Season 4 ep. 39 - Lili Bordán as Sadie Johnson
Topic Replies: 17, Topic Views: 4126
Bringing Down the House - invalid - Second Unit Special Effects.

Cobb - Jim Fredburg - Special Effects Supervisor.

Fallen - Jim Fredburg - Special Effects Coordinator - No SPFX Supervisor credited.

Inventing the Abbotts - Jim Fredburg - Special Effects Coordinator - No SPFX Supervisor credited.

Don Juan DeMarco - James Fredburg - Special Effects.

The Scorpion King - invalid - Special Effects Technician.
Topic Replies: 5, Topic Views: 1229
Teen Wolf: Season 5 ep. 18 - Lili Bordan

Painkiller Jane: Season 1 ep. 19 - Lili Bordan as Sophia

West World: Season 1: The Maze ep. 5 - Lili Bordan as Fortune Teller
Topic Replies: 17, Topic Views: 4126
8MM 2 (2005) - Lili Bordán as Dóra

The Nun (2018) - Lili Bordan as Waitress - Marta

The Smoke (2014) - Lili Bordán as Jodie

Beneath the Leaves (2018) - Lili Bordan as Samantha
Topic Replies: 17, Topic Views: 4126
Greg Alan Williams  7 confirmed
Brightburn (confirmed by AiAustria)
Dirty Laundry
MacGruber (confirmed by T!M)
Murder, She Wrote: Season 12 (ep23) (confirmed by Wigram)
Old School (confirmed by reybr)
Terminator: Genisys (confirmed by huskersports)
Unrequited (confirmed by ateo357)

GregAlan (Gregalan) Williams  28 confirmed
The Accountant (confirmed by LKanne)
Acts of Betrayal
Army Wives (JOHNNYV)
Be Cool (confirmed by reybr)
Blood Done Sign My Name
Boston Legal: Season 1 eps.11 (confirmed by T!M)
Castle: Season 3 (confirmed by SaceFreakMicha)
Christmas Cupid
The Confidant (confirmed by ateo357)
Dying to Belong
Everwood: Season 4 (confirmed by greyghost)
Geostorm (confirmed by LKanne)
House of Payne:S7e31
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:S8e16
The Lost Valentine (confirmed by ateo357)
Monk: Season 4 (ep 6) (confirmed by Wigram)
Nashville: S1 (huskersports)
NCIS: Los Angeles: S1 (confirmed by ruben)
Necessary Roughness: Season 1 (confirmed by huskersports)
NYPD Blue: S11e22
The Practice: S8e20
Project: ALF (confirmed by T!M)
Remember the Titans (confirmed by ateo357)
The Sopranos: S2 (confirmed by ruben)
The Sopranos: S3 (confirmed by ruben)
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
The West Wing: Season 2 (5 eps) (confirmed by Wigram)
The West Wing Season 3 (2eps) (confirmed by Wigram)

Greg Allan Williams  1 confirmed
The Collector (confirmed by Deacon78)

Greg Alan-Williams  2 confirmed
Father Dowling Mysteries (confirmed by T!M)
In the Line of Fire (confirmed by tweeter,RAPMAN & .)

Gregory Alan-Williams  6 confirmed
Above the Law (confirmed by RAPMAN)  aka Nico
Baywatch: Season 1 (confirmed by SpaceFreakMicha)
Baywatch: Season 2 (confirmed by SpaceFreakMicha)
Hunter: Season 7 (eps 8 & 14) (confirmed by Wigram)
The Package (confirmed by Kluge)
W. (confirmed by bigdaddyhorse)

Gregory Alan Williams  2 confirmed
All Saints (confirmed by perryoakridge)
Major League (confirmed by huskersports)

In database
Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 (TV Series)
The Beat
Crossing Jordan (TV Series)
Dog Days of Summer
Dream On (TV Series)
Drop Dead Diva (TV Series)
Freedom Song
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (TV Series)
The Game (TV Series)
Hornet's Nest
The Last Adam
Mama Flora's Family
Meet the Browns (TV Series)
No One Would Tell
One Tree Hill (TV Series)
Preacher's Kid
Topic Replies: 53, Topic Views: 12047
Arvinder Grewal, Arv Greywal, Arv Grewal, T. Arv Grewal

T. Arv Grewal
  2 correct
    Bulletproof Monk
    Exit Wounds

Arv Grewal
  3 correct
    Dawn of the Dead
    The Pacifier
    Resident Evil: Afterlife
  2 incorrect
    Land of the Dead

Arv Greywal
  10 correct
    16 Blocks
    Heaven is for Real
    Hyena Road
    If You Believe
    Jennifer's Body
    Lars and the Real Girl
    Land of the Dead
    No Escape
    Survival of the Dead
  1 Incorrect 
    Resident Evil: Afterlife

Arvinder Grewal
  7 correct
    Dirty Pictures
    Dog Park
    K-19: The Widowmaker
  1 Invalid
    Finding Forrester - Toronto Unit: Art Director
  9 incorrect
    16 Blocks
    Bulletproof Monk
    Dawn of the Dead
    Exit Wounds
    Jennifer's Body
    Land of the Dead
    The Pacifier
    Resident Evil: Afterlife
    Survival of the Dead
Topic Replies: 21, Topic Views: 7181
La notte brava (1959) - Antonio Cervi  - visual check
Topic Replies: 10, Topic Views: 3120
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