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My CCVPlugin can export headshots to file system.
See here.
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New version: 4.0

Fix: Crash on unload (thanks to mediadogg for a hint on this)
Fix: Compact database if database gets too huge during DVD Profiler XML import

I hope the issue is now solved. On my side it looks okay now.
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You have slowed down with the purchases, I have started to pick it up again after years of hardly buying anything.
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Quoting mediadogg:
Hey Tom. Wonderful to see you still at the post!

BTW, your DropBox link is not working. Good to see you around, just the same.

You mean the dropbox link to my collection? Sadly dropbox doesn't support linking of html pages anymore. And I haven't got a webspace which could handle my HTML collection.
Topic Replies: 80, Topic Views: 45408
New version: v1.7
Change: Switch to newer .NET Framework. It still used .NET 2, which is not available on Windows 10 by default
Change: WhatYaGot now uses another template fitting for all, not just phpDVDProfiler users, for the WhatYaGot thread in forum  DVD Collectors Online
Topic Replies: 80, Topic Views: 45408
I am rewatching:
Doctor Who (2005), currently in Series 5
Red Dwarf, currently in Series 3
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