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I have a few UHD players, so I can play all my discs. What I don't have is an external drive which I can connect to my PC which reads UHDs, so I can load the Disc IDs into DVD Profiler for UHDs. And I can't create an entry for "Fog City", which comes in a Steelbook without a UPC.

Is my only recourse to buy an external UHD drive? They seem pretty pricey for what I want to use them for. Or are there any Blu-ray drives which can read the Disc Ids of UHDs (even if it can't play them)?

What's the cheapest option out there for this?
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I'm entering the Cast of a movie and at the end, there are 8 people credited as "Guntaguard", 4 as " River Thug" and 3 as "Fortress Nymph". Weird thing is each of them shares that same credit. There are 8 people, each listed "Guntaguard" -- not a section at the top of them called "Guntaguards" with just the names following. Same with the other two "groups".

I'm in the process of crediting them individually (as they actually appear in the end credits):

George Gladst Guntaguard
Sam Tindall Guntaguard
Mark Burnham Guntaguard
Jarrod Watt Guntaguard
Kris Dollman Guntaguard
Stuart Kincaid Guntaguard
Kris Kotsiakos Guntaguard
Chriss Oakley Guntaguard

But would gladly create Groups if people prefer.
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I have a tool which tells me the audio tracks associated with a disc (although it sometimes gets things wrong, I'm assuming based on how the disc was encoded, like thinking audio is stereo when it is really mono). The tracks are ordered by this tool, but I'm not sure how they determine the order.

When I look at the audio tracks available on the menu, often the commentary track shows up elsewhere and the order of the audio tracks presented in the menu often doesn't match the tool. And sometimes I see tracks listed by the tool which don't show up on the menu.

So, what's the correct order for the audio tracks to be entered? Sometimes I see people updating the audio tracks, and the only change they have made is the order of the audio tracks. Is that a legitimate edit?
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Normally I'd treat it like every segment is an episode. It gets a little more complicated when the segments are spread over two discs. Do I leave them off of the main entry, create two child entries (one per disc), and add the segments only to the child entries? Do I put all of the credits on the main entry? Or both?
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