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I was wondering if any of you have recommendations for shelving.  I have about 1100 DVDs and Blu Rays and about 500 VHS pre-records (mostly rare) that are all arranged alphabetically, but they're mostly boxed up because I don't have enough shelf space. 

Recently, I bought two of these that I intended to place back-to-back:


It turned out to be not by Red Barrel Studio, but the Oskar by Atlantic, which is avilable for less money elsewhere, and a flimsy piece of junk. It broke in half during assembly when I turned it over to put the back on. I have a bunch of IKEA bookcases that I assembled myself with no issues other than getting the nails in the back in the right place. They didn't want to allow me to return it for a refund, so they sent me replacements of the parts that were damaged for free.  Then I decided to add professional assembly.  It broke in half in a different way at the same step for the professional.  He then opened the second one, which was still sealed, and found one of the boards split.  They refunded my money on the professional assembly, since it wasn't assembled, and I had to fight with them for days about letting me return it even though it was purchased September 15.  They finally sent me return mailing labels two Fridays ago, and I finally got them back into the boxes and dropped off at a FedEx pickup point (for $2 a package since there isn't a FedEx Office to whcih I could easily bring them) today. Hopefully I will get a full refund.

The probablem is, I can't really find anything else. I live in a small apartment with ceilings so high that I can't touch them without a ladder (I'm 6'4", and I could touch the ceiling in my parents' house and all my previous apartments), so height is a priority, and I don't want to do the IKEA Billys because they're too big. The big box VHSs from the early days (The Human Vapor, The Last War, The Little Magician, and The Headless Eyes among them) are six inches wide by nine inches tall.  Most bookcases leave a lot of empty space, and I need to empty my bookcases anyway because some of my books by authors with surnames beginning with S are still in boxes (I've been in my apartment only three years and was too broke to buy furniture the first two--I started at the ends and worked to the middle when unboxing), so I really want something designed to hold DVDs (normal VHS slipcover boxes are the same height as a DVD keep case, just double the width). Almost everything I can find specifically for DVDs is made by Atlantic, and the Oskar is the tallest.

I've been looking at stuff designed for public libraries, but it's really not within my budget, and I didn't look long enough to see if they sell to individual customers because we're talking around $2,000 for most of them.

I posted on Facebook asking if it would be possible for a carpenter to build me something, but I didn't find one by that route.  I suspect this would be as expensive or more expensive than library-grade shelving.

It's gotten harder to find stuff, even online, as streaming has superceded physical media in popularity, so I figured people here might know.
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When I got a new computer, two of my owned DVDs got changed in the online display.  They are, of course, Dollar Tree discs with common UPCs.  Oculus is showing as Nicholas Nickleby, and Under Fire is showing as For Queen and Country.  I don't know how to fix it  I had to download my collection from the website because my previous computer died, and by the time I got the previous hard drive recovered, there were too many updates to my collection for the backup to be of any use.

Lately, I haven't even tried to add titles with common UPCs because I've run into so many problems with such things.
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I must be the only one on here who still buys Criterion DVDs because I have a number of them for which the UPC doesn't get recognized by DVD Profiler.  Do I just need to clone the Blu-Ray versions?
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