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Quoting Cpt.Hardy:
we can do that with an example:
The movie Thunder Force was released on Netflix in April 2021.
I can enter the film manually for myself, but the database doesn't live on that. A UPC or Disc ID is nowhere to be found.
So how is that supposed to be done with this film, for example?

You're talking Netflix originals. You don't own those, so why would you want to add them at all? You can manually add movies like this and even upload them to your on-line profile, you just can't contribute them to the core database and, really, why would you need to or even want to? It's software for managing your collection, not to track everything you've watched or everything that exists on any media source.

Are you simply just looking to track movies you've watched? You can do this on IMDB. Create an account, create a list, then add everything you've watched to the list. Their database is vastly more complete, especially when it comes to digital-only titles such as this.
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Quoting Cpt.Hardy:
we are going around in circles:
there are no new entries in the database
new entries are only possible with UPC or DiscID
Current films from Netflix or other streaming services do not have a number
Conclusion: In order to be able to continue using the DVD Profiler in a meaningful way in the future, this restriction must be lifted.

But I wonder, if any moderator or even the programmer is still here around.

But what would you use as a search key? Why would you add anything from Netflix or other streaming services? Content on such platforms is ephemeral and changes over time. New movies/shows are released as old movies/shows are decommissioned.

For local content, say on Plex, Kodi or other similar media server, you have to search by title anyway, so select one that suits your need. Does it really matter if they're using UPC/disk-ID as a primary key at that point?

If you want to add a brand new title, that doesn't already exist in any form and you don't own the disk, what I would do is search the UPC up on Google, then you have the UPC for a submission. You obviously won't be able to add the disk-ID to the profile, but make a note of that in the profile submission, and someone else may add it at a later point.
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Quoting Cpt.Hardy:
yes, and how did you enter new DVDs / films if there is no ID number?

What do you mean "there is no ID number"? I use the UPC code for physical releases. There are cases where UPC codes are reused, so in that case, one creates alternate IDs...still based on UPC. To achieve this, generally:

1. I search for a matching title. Being in Canada, the movies I'm adding have usually already been created in the US under a different UPC, as such the profiles already approved by the community.

2. I add this US version of the movie to my database, then change the UPC to match my copy. You need to make note of the original UPC/disk-ID before you change it as you need it for the contribution, if you submit cast and/or crew.

3. Then I update any relevant information, such as publishers/distributors, ratings, cover scans, disk-IDs, etc. which may be different in Canada, than in the US.

4. Once that's done, it's ready for contribution.

Once you do a few of them to get the hang of it, other than the cover scans, new entries can be done in a matter of, perhaps, 10 minutes. That said, if you cannot find a profile to copy, creating a new entry completely from scratch, is much more time consuming.

As for getting updates for digital, I wouldn't count on it. We haven't seen a software update in what...4 years? Personally, I wouldn't enter digital in to DVD Profiler. I use the software as a tool to ensure I don't purchase duplicates, and even if I have a movie digitally, I would still purchase a physical copy.
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It's definitely dying down. I find here in Canada, where we have fewer contributors, I'm getting about a 30% not found rate at the moment. This was, roughly, the failure rate the last time I tried Movie Collector. I've added hundreds myself and built out dozens of box sets and always have a stack going behind the computer that needs to be added.
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Alphabetical by genre. My sections are:

** Horror
** Zombies (I separate them from the main horror)
** Anime
** Tween and Hero
** Cartoons (Non-anime)
** Comedy and Drama
** Everything Else (Action, sci-fi, suspense, etc)

I do not separate DVD from BluRay from 4K as it doesn't make sense to me. I've recently run our of space in my main media shelving area and have ripped 300 DVDs to Plex (With about 50 more that I want to do). Those DVDs are stored on a separate shelf in the basement.
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I just bought a bunch yesterday. When there are mountains of them at places like Goodwill and Value Village for $2-3, it's hard to justify not. This is especially true of older comedy and horror, much of which has yet to see remaster to BluRay, much less 4k.
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A little late to the party here. I had no issues with my S20, up until a few days ago. I removed some titles from my collection and renumbered (Fill in gaps) which renumbered ~800 titles. Now the app just sits on the Downloading Collection screen and spins. Large updates have always taken time, but this isn't even starting. Sadly, I think it may be time to start looking at other options again. I already use the Collectorz software for games and comics. I'll have to reexamine their Movies app. Last time I looked, it just didn't do what I wanted.
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I'm in Canada and I tried Movie Collector a while back and found that at least 1:5 movies were missing from their database by barcode. Many Canadian releases have a unique barcode, separate from the US, but we long since lost a couple of our major contributors. I've personally added hundreds of Canadian UPCs to the DVD Profiler database and always have a stack going behind the computer that I need to add to the database.

The other thing with Movie Collector is that I found the way it did movie box sets to be a disaster. There was no way to really add child records or to search individual movies, which defeated my purpose of using the software to prevent duplicate purchases.

Does the XML export from DVD Profiler actually add entries to the Movie Collector DB?
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