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20 years of movie collecting
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorGSyren
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I've been trying to recall when I bought my first DVD. It must have been in the late '90s. I know that Stallone's Cobra was among my first DVDs, and that was released in February 1998.

I remember that I was wondering if DVDs would have as good content as LaserDiscs or if they were destined to be just bare bones movie releases. I guess my worries were mostly unfounded.

Quoting iPatsa:
So, who's with me for another 20 years?   

I kind of doubt that I will still be here in 20 years, but I'm sure I'll hang on to my collection until they carry me out feet first. And I'm sure I'll be buying discs as long as they are offered.
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorwidescreenforever
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I mostly use my dvd on line collection for the history of watching as well..  Like if someone asked me if I had ever seen ... i.e.  Patch Adams as an example,  I would quickly go to my phone ap.. look it up to see if I own it or  have watched it.. even on cable TV .  If I watch an entire movie I don't own but catch it when I am channel surfing  on one of the many  cable/ streaming sites of  HD titles .,  I try and make it a habit of downloading  the title to my data base and marking it watched ' on such and such a date ' and then  stick it under my wish list.  Even if I  rewatch a title I do own,  but on cable TV I still mark it as 'watched'  -on that date. ,, so the Invelos program itself is a great way to keep these titles/history - UP TO DATE.

I may own a  blue ray of Forrest Gump (to replace my laser Disc) .. I may skim this  DVD title to check quality and physical data for playback..  but not necessarily watch the title at the point of entry to my data .. due to tiime .,,  but the history of the title over say 8 - to 10years  may read 5 or six viewings in total for the overall  love of the title itself..
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorMagmadrag
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In 1999 VHS was my big beginning (in a time when they were close to their end) and I reached the 1000 before I bot my first DVD in 2001. So even only with DVD (and then BluRay) I am with you with the 20 years - and it doesn't look as if I ever will stop collecting.

I think that I was at about 7000 DVDs when I bought my first BluRay. First I simply wanted to wait before the war between BR and HDDVD is over before I make my choice. Like DVDs where very expensive in the beginning (and for some reason some of them still are), BluRay had a horrible price then and now I am positively surprised time by time if I find a movie (or even a season of a series) I was searching for for a long time in the Euro-Shop for just one buck.

Step by step streaming seems to destroy the market vor DVD, BluRay & Co., and as the production costs (and the costs for the rights to release) remain the same, step by step some stuff won't be released on disc anymore but only available via any streaming platform. A huge disappointment for collectors...
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