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Laserdisc Collection for sale
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantSpreadthinly
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Registered: August 9, 2007
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Hi Guys

I am contemplating selling my beloved Laserdisc collection, as I no longer have the room (having moved to a smaller house!!)

I have approximately 2500 titles in normal single/gatefold sleeve, and approx 100 Boxsets. There are some really rare titles, and have all been lovingly cared for. The collection is 'technically' worth approx £15k (that's working on a £5 per standard title, and £35 per boxset)...obvioulsy they cost more than that...and some are 'worth' more than that by a long way....but I know not many people (Film stars/Sports stars excluded) who are likely to have the disposable income to buy the whole collection at that sort of price, but as I do need to move them on...I would take a sensible offer for them...

They would need collecting from me in Wiltshire UK too....

Offers please ???

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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantFungManHin
Registered: April 14, 2011
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I don't suppose you'd sell individual titles.  I'm only looking for Hong Kong films and I'd imagine that you'd have to have some in a 2500 collection.  Would you ship internationally?
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