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Anyone got profiles of these Kino on Video releases?
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorhydr0x
Registered: April 4, 2007
Germany Posts: 877
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Most of these were available in 2.X but I didn't download them in time and now Intervocative seems to be down. I'm not sure if these will be transfered to the 3.X database or not. It would be very nice if those of you who have these would upload them to the online db. Thanks in advance for any help

1/3 (One Third) Young-man Kim 2006 U.S. DVD
25 Fireman's Street (Tüzoltó utca 25.) István Szabó 1973 Hungary DVD
Adoption (Örökbefogadás) Márta Mészáros 1975 Hungary VHS DVD
L'Âge d'or (The Golden Age) Luis Buñuel 1930 France VHS DVD
Agony - The Life and Death of Rasputin (Agoniya) Elem Klimov 1975 Russia | USSR DVD
Alila Amos Gitai 2003 Israel DVD
The American Film Theatre - DVD Box 1 Tom O'Horgan, Christopher Miles, Guy Green, John Frankenheimer, Harold Pinter U.S. DVD
The American Film Theatre - DVD Box 2 Laurence Olivier, Arthur Hiller, Lindsay Anderson, Peter Hall, Tony Richardson U.S. and Europe, U.S. DVD
The American Film Theatre - DVD Box 3 Joseph Losey, Daniel Mann, Dennis Heroux, John Quested U.S. DVD
And Quiet Flows the Don (Tikhiy Don) Sergei Gerasimov 1957 Russia | USSR DVD
Animal Love (Tierische Liebe) Ulrich Seidl 1995 Austria DVD
Anna Boleyn (Deception) Ernst Lubitsch 1920 Germany DVD
Anna Karenina Aleksandr Zarkhi 1967 Russia | USSR DVD
Antigone (Antigoni) Yorgos Javellas 1961 Greece DVD
Arbuckle & Keaton, Volume One - The Original Comique/Paramount Shorts 1917-1920 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle 1917-1919 U.S. DVD
Arbuckle & Keaton, Volume Two - The Original Comique/Paramount Shorts 1917-1920 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle 1918-1920 U.S. VHS DVD
Ashik Kerib / The Legend of Suram Fortress DVD
Asphalt Joe May 1929 Germany DVD
Assunta Spina / The Last Diva Gianfranco Mingozzi, Bertini, Francesca, Gustavo Serena Italy DVD
Ayurveda, The Art of Being Pan Nalin 2001 Germany, India, Switzerland DVD
The Belle of Amherst Charles Dubin 1976 U.S. VHS DVD
Big Fella / Song of Freedom J. Elder Wills U.K. DVD
Black Tights Terence Young 1960 France, U.K. DVD
Blood And Sand Fred Niblo 1922 U.S. DVD
Boesman & Lena John Berry 2000 France DVD
Les Bonnes Femmes Claude Chabrol 1960 France VHS DVD
Borsalino & Co. (Blood on the Streets) Jacques Deray 1974 France DVD
Brother (Brat) Alexie Balabanov 1997 Russia | USSR DVD
Butley Harold Pinter 1974 U.S. VHS DVD
Cabiria Giovanni Pastrone 1914 Italy DVD
Capitaine Conan (Captain Conan) Bertrand Tavernier 1996 France DVD
La Captive (The Captive) Chantal Akerman France DVD
Carnegie Hall Edgar G. Ulmer 1947 U.S. DVD
The Cherry Orchard Michael Cacoyannis 1999 France, Greece VHS DVD
La Chèvre (The Goat) Francis Veber 1982 France DVD
A Christmas Past (various), D. W. Griffith, Edwin S. Porter 1901-1925 U.S. VHS DVD
Chronicle of a Disappearance Elia Suleiman 1997 France, Germany, Palestine, U.S. DVD
Circle of Deceit (Die Fälschung) Volker Schlöndorff 1981 Germany VHS DVD
Claude Chabrol | Tales of Deceit Claude Chabrol France DVD
The Clockmaker of St. Paul (L'Horloger de Saint-Paul) Bertrand Tavernier 1973 France DVD
The Color Of Pomegranates / Paradjanov: A Requiem Sergei Paradjanov Russia | USSR DVD
Coming Apart Milton Moses Ginsberg 1969 U.S. VHS DVD
Commissar (Komissar) Alexander Askoldov 1967 Russia | USSR DVD
Conspirators Of Pleasure (Spiklenci slasti) Jan Svankmajer 1996 Czech Republic DVD
The Cyclist (Bicycleran) Mohsen Makhmalbaf 1988 Iran DVD
Daresalam Issa Serge Coelo 2000 Africa (region), Chad DVD
Daughters of The Dust Julie Dash 1991 U.S. VHS DVD
Dead or Alive (R-Rated) (Dead or Alive: Hanzaisha) Takashi Miike 1999 Japan VHS DVD
Dead or Alive Trilogy (DVD Box) Takashi Miike Japan DVD
Desert Victory Capt. Roy Boulting 1943 U.K. VHS
Devarim (Zihron Devarim) Amos Gitai 1995 Israel DVD
Diaspora (DVD + CD ROM) Frédéric Brenner 2003 France DVD
Different from the Others (Anders als die Andern) Richard Oswald 1919 Germany DVD
Dog Days (R Rated) (Hundstage (R Rated)) Ulrich Seidl 2001 Austria DVD
The Double Headed Eagle Lutz Becker 1973 U.K. DVD
Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler - Restored Authorized Edition (Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler) Fritz Lang 1922 Germany DVD
Earth / The End of St. Petersburg / Chess Fever Alexander Dovzhenko, Vsevolod Pudovkin Russia | USSR DVD
The Eleanor Roosevelt Story Richard Kaplan 1965 U.S. VHS DVD
The Emigrant (al Mohager) Youssef Chahine 1994 Egypt DVD
Erotikon (Bounds That Chafe) Mauritz Stiller 1920-2001 Sweden DVD
Eva (Eve) Joseph Losey 1962 U.K. VHS DVD
Expresso Bongo Val Guest 1959 U.K. VHS DVD
Father (Apa) István Szabó 1966 Hungary VHS DVD
Fertile Memory (Al Dhakira al Khasba) Michel Khliefi 1980 Belgium, Netherlands, Palestine DVD
The Flying Deuces A. Edward Sutherland 1939 U.S. DVD
Genesis (La Genèse) Cheick Oumar Sissoko 1999 Africa (region), Mali DVD
Il Grido (The Outcry) Michelangelo Antonioni 1957 Italy DVD
Guimba the Tyrant (Guimba, un tyrant une époque) Chieck Omar Sisoko 1995 Africa (region), Burkina Faso, Mali DVD
La Habanera Douglas Sirk 1937 Germany DVD
Halfaouine (Asfour Stah) Ferid Boughedir 1995 Africa (region), Tunisia VHS DVD
The Harold Lloyd Collection 2 Alfred Goulding, Fred Newmeyer, Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor, Hal Roach 1918-1921 U.S. DVD
Harvest Time Marina Razbezhkina 2004 Russia | USSR DVD
Hell's Highway Bret Wood 2002 U.S. VHS DVD
The Hitch-hiker Ida Lupino 1953 U.S. DVD
The Holy Mountain (Der heilige Berg) Arnold Fanck 1926 Germany VHS DVD
Homage To Chagall Harry Rasky 1977 Canada DVD
The Homecoming Peter Hall 1973 U.S. VHS DVD
Hour of the Star (A Hora da Estrela) Suzana Amaral 1985 Brazil VHS DVD
Human Resources (Ressources humaines) Laurent Cantet 1999 France DVD
Hyenas (Hyènes) Djibril Diop Mambéty 1992 Africa (region), Senegal VHS DVD
In Celebration Lindsay Anderson 1975 U.S. VHS DVD
Inspecteur Lavardin Claude Chabrol 1986 France DVD
Iron Island (Jazireh Ahani) Mohammad Rasoulof 2005 Iran DVD
It Happened Tomorrow René Clair 1944 U.S. DVD
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris Dennis Heroux 1975 U.S. VHS DVD
Jesus, You Know (Jesus, Du weisst) Ulrich Seidl 2003 Austria DVD
The Josephine Baker Collection Edmond Greville, Marc Allegret, Henri Etievant, Mario Nalpas France DVD
Kadosh Amos Gitai 1999 Israel VHS DVD
Kedma Amos Gitai 2002 Israel VHS DVD
The Keeper Joe Brewster 1996 U.S. DVD
Kino's Ultimate Box Set Collection (various), Buster Keaton, Claude Chabrol, F. W. Murnau, Fritz Lang, Georges Méliès, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Louis and Auguste Lumière, Wong Kar-Wai 1891-2005 (various), France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, U.S., U.S. and Europe DVD
Kippur Amos Gitai 2000 Israel VHS DVD
The Last Mogul: The Life and Times of Lew Wasserman Barry Avrich 2005 U.S. DVD
The Legend of Rita (Die Stille nach dem Schuss) Volker Schlöndorff 2000 Germany DVD
Let Joy Reign Supreme (Que la fête commence...) Bertrand Tavernier 1974 France DVD
The Life and Art of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Zeichnen bis zur Raserei) Michael Trabitzsch 2001 Germany DVD
Life and Nothing But (La Vie et rien d'autre) Bertrand Tavernier 1989 France DVD
Life On A String (Bian zou bian chang) Chen Kaige 1992 China VHS DVD
Lorna Doone Maurice Tourneur 1922 U.S. DVD
Lost in the Stars Daniel Mann 1974 U.S. VHS DVD
The Love of Jeanne Ney (Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney) G. W. Pabst 1927 Germany VHS DVD
Lovefilm (aka A Film About Love) (Szerelmesfilm) István Szabó 1970 Hungary DVD
Lubitsch in Berlin (4 DVD Bundle) Ernst Lubitsch Germany DVD
The Maids Christopher Miles 1975 U.S. DVD
Manslaughter / The Cheat Cecil B. DeMille U.S. DVD
Matter Of Heart Mark Whitney 1985 U.S. DVD
Michael (Mikaël) Carl Theodor Dreyer 1924 Germany DVD
Michael Haneke 4-Pack Michael Haneke Austria DVD
The Mirror (Ayneh) Jafar Panahi 1998 Iran DVD
Models Ulrich Seidl 1998 Austria DVD
Moonlight Whispers (Sasayaki) Akihiko Shioto 1999 Japan DVD
Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears (Moskva slezam ne verit) Vladimir Menshov 1980 Russia | USSR VHS DVD
Motel Cactus (Motel Seoninjang) Park Ki-Yong 1997 South Korea DVD
Mother and Son (Mat i syn) Aleksandr Sokurov 1997 Russia | USSR DVD
New Orleans Arthur Lubin 1947 U.S. DVD
The Ninth Day (Der Neunte Tag) Volker Schlöndorff 2004 Germany DVD
Oblomov (Ten Days in the Life of LL Oblomov) Nikita Mikhalkov 1981 Russia | USSR DVD
Off to War Brent Renaud, Craig Renaud 2005 U.S. DVD
Or (My Treasure) (Mon trésor) Keren Yedaya 2004 Israel DVD
Othello Dimitri Buchowetzki 1922 Germany DVD
The Other (El Akhar) Youssef Chahine 1999 Egypt DVD
The Overture Itthi-sunthorn Wichailak 2004 Thailand DVD
The Oyster Princess (plus I Don’t Want to Be a Man) (Austernprinzessin, Die + Ich möchte kein Mann sein) Ernst Lubitsch 1919 Germany DVD
La Petite Jérusalem Karin Albou 2005 France DVD
Philadelphia, Here I Come! John Quested 1975 U.S. DVD
The Piano Teacher (R rated) (La Pianiste) Michael Haneke 2001 Austria, France VHS DVD
The President's Last Bang (Geuddae geusaramdeul) Im Sangsoo 2005 South Korea DVD
Princess Tam Tam (Princesse Tam Tam) Edmond Greville 1935 France DVD
Prix de Beauté (Miss Europe) Augusto Genina 1930 France DVD
Psychopathia Sexualis (Director's Cut) Bret Wood 2006 U.S. DVD
La Revue des Revues Joe Francys 1927 France DVD
Richard III James Keane 1912 U.S. VHS DVD
Romantico Mark Becker 2005 U.S. DVD
La Ronde (Circle of Love) Roger Vadim 1964 France DVD
S.O.S. Iceberg (S.O.S. Eisberg) Arnold Fanck, Tay Garnett 1933 Germany DVD
Sadie Thompson Raoul Walsh 1928 U.S. DVD
The Saga of Gosta Berling (Gösta Berlings saga) Mauritz Stiller 1924 Sweden DVD
Scandal In Paris (Thieves' Holiday) Douglas Sirk 1946 U.S. DVD
Sebastiane Derek Jarman 1976 U.K. DVD
Sex in Chains (Geschlecht in Fesseln: Die Sexualnot der Gefangenen) William Dieterle 1928 Germany DVD
Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl (Samehada otoko to momojiri onna) Katsuhito Ishii 1999 Japan VHS DVD
Siberian Lady Macbeth (Fury Is a Woman, Sibirska Ledi Magbet) Andrzej Wajda 1962 Poland, Yugoslavia VHS DVD
Sir Arne's Treasure (Herr Arnes pengar) Mauritz Stiller 1919 Sweden DVD
Sky Fighters (Chevaliers du ciel, Les) Gerard Pires 2006 France DVD
Slapstick Symposium Bundle of Laughs! A. Edward Sutherland, Leo McCarey, (various), Alfred Goulding, Fred Newmeyer, Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor, Hal Roach U.S. DVD
Slippin': Ten Years with the Bloods Joachim Schroeder, Tommy Sowards 2005 U.S. DVD
Son Of The Sheik George Fitzmaurice 1926 U.S. DVD
Stalker Andrei Tarkovsky 1979 Russia | USSR DVD
Storm Over Mont Blanc (Stürme über dem Mont Blanc) Arnold Fanck 1930 Germany DVD
Strand: Under The Dark Cloth (plus Manhatta) (Under The Dark Cloth (plus Manhatta)) John Walker 1990 Canada DVD
Strange Impersonation Anthony Mann 1947 U.S. VHS DVD
Sumurun (One Arabian Night) Ernst Lubitsch 1920 Germany DVD
A Sunday In The Country (Un dimanche à la campagne) Bertrand Tavernier 1984 France DVD
A Talking Picture (Um Filme Falado) Manoel de Oliviera 2003 Portugal DVD
Tchaikovsky (Chaikovskiy) Igor Talankin 1971 Russia | USSR VHS DVD
Thérèse Raquin (The Adultress) Marcel Carné 1953 France DVD
They Made Me A Fugitive (I Became A Criminal) Alberto Cavalcanti 1947 U.K. VHS DVD
Those Who Love Me Can Take The Train (Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le train) Patrice Chereau 1998 France DVD
Three Sisters Laurence Olivier 1970 U.S. and Europe VHS DVD
Time of Favor (Ha-Hesder) Joseph Cedar 2001 Israel VHS DVD
To the Left of the Father (Lavour Arcaica) Luiz Fernando Carvalho 2001 Brazil DVD
Touki Bouki (The Journey of the Hyena) Djibril Diop Mambéty 1973 Africa (region), Senegal DVD
Uncle Tom's Cabin Harry Pollard 1927 U.S. VHS DVD
Untold Scandal (Joseon namnyeo sangyeoljisa) E J-Yong 2003 South Korea DVD
WARNING SHADOWS: A Nocturnal Hallucination (CHATTEN: Eine Nächtliche Halluzination) Arthur Robison 1923 Germany DVD
Watermarks (Hakoah Lischot) Yaron Zilberman 2004 Israel DVD
Wedding in Galilee (Urs-als-jalil) Michel Khleifi 1987 Belgium, France, Palestine DVD
Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald (Rajio no jikan) Koki Mitani 1998 Japan DVD
The White Hell of Pitz Palu (Die Weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü) Arnold Fanck, G. W. Pabst 1929 Germany DVD
Wife to be Sacrificed (Ikenie fujin) Masaru Konuma 1975 Japan DVD
The Wildcat Ernst Lubitsch 1921 Germany DVD
Wings of the Morning / St. Martin's Lane Tim Whelan, Harold Schuster U.K. DVD
Winter Evening in Cagry 1985 Russia | USSR DVD
Woman with Red Hair (Akai kami no onna) Tatsumi Kumashiro 1979 Japan DVD
The World of Geisha (Yojohan Fusuma no urabari) Tatsumi Kumashiro 1973 Japan DVD
X 2000: François Ozon - The Collected Shorts François Ozon 2001 France DVD
A Year of the Quiet Sun (Rok spokojnego slonca) Krzysztof Zanussi 1984 Poland VHS DVD
Yeelen (Brightness) Souleymane Cissé 1987 Africa (region), Mali VHS DVD
Yom Yom (Day After Day) Amos Gitai 1998 Israel DVD
Young Dr. Freud (Der junge Freud) Axel Corti 1976 Germany DVD
Zou Zou (Zouzou) Marc Allegret 1934 France DVD
- Jan
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorLithurge
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Back up now.
IVS Registered: January 2, 2002
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorhydr0x
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guess what I'm doing right now
- Jan
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantKrikarian
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if i were you and had downloaded any of these and they're not in the new database, i'd start auditing then contributing.

i think in the tech forum that was something about the old server coming back up sometime soon, but not certain.

and sorry, don't think i have any of these. if i do, i'll do as i advise.

"Vampirism is still not a disease, Julia. Vampires are the living dead...dead...dead..."
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorpgaudin
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Capitaine Conan is in the database: french dvd have the UPC 3-259130-117097. 
There is also a US DVD in database.
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