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My Trade List
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantkovacs01
Registered: March 13, 2007
Posts: 181
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Dirty Dozen -- CDA Box Set (senitype, stills, poster, etc) -- SEALED, OOP

The Beyond -- LE Tin OOP -- 05821/20000 (tiny ding on cover, only visible at an angle from inside of cover)

Evil Dead II -- LE Tin OOP -- Sealed, perfect -- 29217/50000

Silence of the Lambs CC -- OOP

Azumi II -- DTS R3. No English Subs

Seven Samurai CC (Original release)

Pulp Fiction CE

Blade Runner DC

Hellboy -- 2 Disc w/ slipcover

Oceans Eleven

Taxi -- Queen Latifah and Fallon -- SEALED

Full Metal Jacket (Kubrick Collection)

Johnny Mnemonic (Original release)

The Bourne Identity -- Original Release (hole in Barcode)

The Great Escape -- Slipcover only

Hellraiser/Hellraise II -- LE Tin OOP -- 20893/50000 -- ding on left edge of cover

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers -- "Ring" Tin LE, R3, OOP

Tae Guk Gi -- LE Tin, R3, OOP, #1243 --  NO ENGLISH SUBS

Citizen Kane -- CDA Box Set -- Classic Collection (2 Disc w/ senitype, booklet, stills) -- R2, SEALED, OOP

Kekexili (Mountain Patrol) -- Mei Ah release, R0

My interests are large and varied.  I will post a list, but I certainly am not limited to these.

Underworld Lenticular Digipak (Korea -- Highest Want)
Amazons (High Want)
Deadwood S3 (High Want)
Ultimate Bond volumes 3 and 4
MOH discs (except Argento's Jenifer)
Babylon 5 All Seasons
X Files S5
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Casshern 3 disc UE (japanese version)
Repo Man Tin
Event Horizon -- German SE
A Fistful of Dynamite
Black Christmas
Sunset Boulevard
Peckinpah Western Set
Battlestar S: 2.5 and 3.0
Blue Max
Lost Highway -- Widescreen Version
Damnation Alley
Gentleman Killer
Dungeons and Dragons -- The Complete Animated Series
Big Heat
Night of the Hunter
The Strangers Gundown
Taste of Killing
Boondock Saints -- UR/SE Tin
The Oxbow Incident
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Love and Honor -- Deluxe Edition
Curse of the Golden Flower LE
Dante's Peak (DTS)
Uno Dopo L'Altro
Touch of Evil
Joint Security Area
Freeze Frame
Black Killer
I Want Him Dead
The Maltese Falcon
The Hills Have Eyes -- original
The Fly SE
Aeon Flux TV Series
Gattaca Superbit
Life of Mammals
Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead
Life of Birds
Kino's Journey
Immortel Ad Vitam
Population 436
The Price of Power
Paths of Glory
Mission: Impossible - The Complete Second Season
La Femme Nikita -- All Seasons
The Perils of Gwendoline
Little Otik
Day of the Beast
Born to Fight
Cannibal Ferox Tin
One Armed Swordsman Trilogy
Shaolin Kung Fu Master Collection
Story of Ricky
Wild Zero
Killing Words
Short Films of David Lynch
They Live
Cemetery Without Crosses
Death Sentence
Faccia A Faccia
The Five Man Army
Fistful of Previews
For a Few Previews More
Stone Tape
Perfect Blue
Shinobi Premium
One Armed Swordsman Trilogy
The Quiet Earth
Any of the Ator Films
Metal Skin
Hawk the Slayer
Norliss Tapes
The Illusionist
The Despiser
Lady Snowblood (2D)
The Jacket
Lady Snowblood - Love Song of Vengance
Ab-Normal Beauty
Cult Horror Films
Spaghetti Westerns
Cannibal, Zombie, and Vamp Flix
Asian and European LE's
CDA Sets I dont have (The Omen 1/2, Taxi Driver, The Longest Day, The Wicker Man, The Time Machine, Casablanca, Dr Who, Dances With Wolves, Enter The Dragon, The Exorcist, Ben-Hur, Blazing Saddles, Bullitt, Dr. Zhivago, North By Northwest)

You can check my ebay or dvdtalk.com feedback if you like.  My user names on them are kovacs3 and kovacs01 respectively.  PM me on here or email me at kovacs01@yahoo.com in order to work out any deals.

Currently I reside in Oklahoma City in the state of Oklahoma in the nation of the United States on the continent of North America in the hemisphere known as western.  I will be happy to put my dvd's anywhere in the world (except maybe some of the large sets) as long as you will put yours in Oklahoma City 

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DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile Registranthasaanchop
Registered: March 30, 2007
Posts: 5
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Actually I am watching Day Watch right now, and it is an official release with English subs.  Got it through Xploited, but I got their last copy, and that was about 7 months ago.  Sweet film!!

UPC: 4607058044053 if you want to check it out.  Also has multiple holograms on it, and the subs are first rate.  I obviously don't speak Russian, but there's no bad grammar or spelling, and even has some flair like the subs for the U.S. release of Night Watch had.

Probably go to see it again in the theaters June 1.  And this tag thing is kinda cool.

DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantkovacs01
Registered: March 13, 2007
Posts: 181
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I have the same UPC without subs.  My friend got it in Moscow from Channel One.  Word is that Russian organized crime got their hands on a large batch of cover art, and released quite a number of very official looking subbed DVD's.
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