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The ghosts in the machine of our old server finally stopped messing around and decided to go on a hard drive interface murdering spree.  We've been chasing a stability issue for a while now and had tried a variety of fixes including replacing hard drives and changing raid configuration.  Just when we thought we had it licked, something else would go awry.

Sensing the end may be near, we procured a new server and began configuring it in parallel. Bringing the server up with completely up-to-date data requires a resynch, which does take time.  The data size is nontrivial, with a combination of billions of database records and hundreds of millions of files.

There are still some portions of the data that need to be migrated and checked, so we've taken some things offline until those processes are complete.  We're shooting for everything being online tomorrow.

Online sync is among those features, so you will see errors syncing until it is brought online.

Note that although the new server is faster than the old one, it is currently running migration processes which are demanding. Some slowdown and/or page load errors may occur.

One additional note: We're aware of the Android app absence, and will be working to resolve soon.
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